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About Us

Our History

Operating with a high degree of independence and nimbleness, Ending Pandemics prides itself on its risk tolerance, innovative spirit, and openness to non-traditional partners and approaches.

Ending Pandemics spun-out as an organization from the Skoll Global Threats Fund (SGTF) in 2018. Created by Jeff Skoll in 2008, SGTF set out to test whether a limited-life organization with $100 million and a band of driven and skillful “threat-ologists” could make progress against five of the gravest threats to humanity: climate change, pandemics, water security, nuclear proliferation, and conflict in the Middle East.

Almost a decade later, Ending Pandemics is now poised to expand its innovative solutions to detect, verify, and contain outbreaks. With a proven track record and additional seed funding from Jeff Skoll, Ending Pandemics is inviting other philanthropists and donors to join the movement and deepen its impact.