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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to detect, verify, and contain disease outbreaks faster.

Our three strategies work in concert so that no outbreak stands a chance of spreading globally:

  • Applying technology to find outbreaks faster: Co-creating open source technology and innovations
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  • Enabling frontline health workers: Providing tools and investing in curriculum to enable a network of government officials, animal, human, and environmental health professionals to verify rumors or the earliest signs of a potential outbreak
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  • Working across borders (both national and sectoral): Connecting practitioners and building trust-based networks for learning, information sharing, and systemic change
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Our progress in improving disease surveillance should lead to:

  • An increase in the number of outbreaks reported
  • A decrease in the time to detect any outbreak
  • A decrease in the time to verify any outbreak
  • Improvements in the timeliness of communicating to the public and proper authorities both locally and internationally

We have conducted pilot studies in 28 countries to assess the feasibility of collecting this data. We work with these countries to measure these milestones for a baseline, and to continue to monitor them prospectively as a measure of progress.