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Can You Envision a World Without Pandemics?
We can.

We are working to find outbreaks faster
around the world.

The Problem

The number of new infectious diseases are increasing each year across the globe.

People are traveling further, faster, and more frequently, allowing rapid spread of infection.

Nearly 70% of the world’s countries are unprepared to respond to public health threats.

Projections forecast the next pandemic could exceed $60 billion in costs and kill up to 30 million individuals in 6 months.

Our Solution

We provide scientific, technical and catalytic funding to find outbreaks faster in emerging disease hotspots.

Ending Pandemics applies technology, builds local capacity, and works across borders – both geographical and sectoral.

Nearly all infectious diseases with pandemic potential in humans are contracted from animals. Ending Pandemics works with countries to capture early signals of diseases in animals and humans to prevent spread, protect livelihoods, and save lives.

Our efforts to monitor and prevent a pandemic threat require a multisectoral approach working with physicians, veterinarians, government officials, environmental scientists, academia, and the private sector.

Three out of every four emerging infectious diseases arise in animals and spread to humans. Animal outbreaks (red) can quickly lead to human outbreaks (yellow) when people are in close contact with livestock or wildlife. If we prioritize our efforts to find outbreaks faster in animals, it is possible to prevent human infection altogether. Factors like climate change, urbanization, and increased travel and trade can exacerbate spread and must be taken into account.

Who We Are

We are a team of relentlessly determined individuals who pride ourselves on risk tolerance and openness to non-traditional partners and approaches. Spun-out as an organization from the Skoll Global Threats Fund in 2018, Ending Pandemics is poised to expand its innovative solutions to find, verify, and contain outbreaks faster.

We leverage partners and networks to address disease surveillance gaps around the globe, catalyze innovative projects, share best practices, and foster greater collaboration.

Meet the team

Making a Difference

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The Future

In 10 Years, We Envision a World in Which...

More outbreaks are detected first in animals preventing any spread to humans.

Early signals and rumors of outbreaks are verified within 24 - 48 hours to enable faster response.

Countries cooperate seamlessly across borders to stop the spread of disease.

Outbreaks are stopped quickly at their source - saving lives and protecting livelihoods.

No community is too hard to reach, no country is too poor to innovate, and curiosity outshines fear everywhere.

Mark S. Smolinski, MD, MPH
President, Ending Pandemics