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Can You Envision a World Without Pandemics?
We can.

We are working to find outbreaks faster
around the world.

Our Solution

Expanding epidemic intelligence to predict, prevent, and detect outbreaks faster in the planetary hotspots for disease emergence.

Who We Are

Ending Pandemics works closely with governments to assemble local cross-cutting teams to design demand-driven, sustainable solutions for pandemic preparedness.

We are a team of relentlessly determined individuals who pride ourselves on risk tolerance and openness to non-traditional partners and approaches.

Meet the team

Making a Difference

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The Future

We Envision a World in Which...

More outbreaks are detected first in animals preventing any spread to humans.

Early signals and rumors of outbreaks are verified within 24 - 48 hours to enable faster response.

Countries cooperate seamlessly across borders to stop the spread of disease.

Outbreaks are stopped quickly at their source - saving lives and protecting livelihoods.

No community is too hard to reach, no country is too poor to innovate, and curiosity outshines fear everywhere.

Mark S. Smolinski, MD, MPH
President, Ending Pandemics