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Cambodia 115 Hotline

Free-to-the-public disease hotline in Cambodia that participants can use to report disease information by voice and keypad entry

Cambodia FeedAlert System

Surveillance tool that promotes digital disease detection through monitoring media sources

CDC CARE (Check and Report Ebola) Hotline

Monitoring approach designed to allow travelers to report their health status daily to an interactive voice recognition system

Community-Based Disease Outbreak Detection and Response in Eastern and Southern Africa (DODRES)

Two-way communication mechanism for health systems and community members to share timely health surveillance data

Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS)

Six disease surveillance networks working across national borders to tackle emerging infectious diseases

Continuous Surveillance Systems and Electronic Medical Record Integration in Nepal

Surveillance system that uses digital health data to identify, monitor, and respond to diarrheal diseases and respiratory illnesses


Mobile application promoting good health care and first aid in Thailand through participatory surveillance

Engaging Government and Community Health Workers for Improving Vector Borne Disease Control in Pakistan

Project engaging the government and community health workers to improve vector borne disease control in Pakistan


Virtual community of health professionals using innovative surveillance methods to verify infectious disease outbreaks


Symposium on digital disease detection during mass gatherings in Recife, Brazil


Intensive workshops that bring together developers and health professionals to improve specific issues around infectious diseases

Event-Based Surveillance Training

Event-based surveillance training program for public health emergency operations center personnel

Flu Near You

Smartphone application and web tool for reporting and monitoring influenza-like illnesses

Guardians of Health

Disease surveillance mobile app to report outbreaks in real time

I-Lab in Senegal

Initiative to digitize laboratory data in Senegal for faster detection and response to biothreats and pandemics

International Workshops on Participatory Surveillance (IWOPS)

International workshops to advance self-reported participatory surveillance for influenza and other diseases


Participatory surveillance mobile application to track dengue, chikungunya, and Zika along the United States and Mexican border

Larvae Survey Tools in Laos

Digital survey tool to strengthen dengue and mosquito-borne illness control in Lao PDR

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Surveillance Project

Project improving MERS-CoV detection capabilities among laboratories in MECIDS countries

Outbreak Surveillance by Community Health Workers in Uganda

Community-based outbreak surveillance system using community health workers in Uganda

Outbreak Timeliness Measures

Various projects around the world to quantify time to detection of various diseases

Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World

Upcoming exhibition to explore emerging diseases through an animal-human-environmental interface

Participatory One Health Digital Disease Detection (PODD)

Tool to detect emerging animal and environmental health threats in Thailand

Saúde Na Copa

Mobile and web-based surveillance data application to detect outbreaks during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

South Asia Pandemic Preparedness Tabletop Exercise

One Health pandemic preparedness exercise in South Asia

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