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Tabletop exercises use future scenarios to identify ways to strengthen readiness for health emergencies. STARTₓ provides an easy-to-use, flexible platform to design and conduct tabletop exercises to assess readiness and resiliency to health emergencies.

Multiplayers, Multiscenarios

Multi-scenario capabilities and communication tracking features help you assess by role to identify ways to improve multisector coordination.

Timely After Action Report

Immediate After Action Report and Improvement Plan enables timely sharing of identified priorities with decision makers.

Participant-Led Evaluation

Hot washes and After Action Review are designed to ensure participants provide their own critical analysis of lessons learned during the exercise to best identify opportunities to strengthen readiness and resiliency.

We have two versions of STARTₓ

Both versions can be used in-person or for 100% remote exercises

STARTₓ Basic
STARTₓ Advanced

Multi-player web based TTX design and play

Multi lingual capability

Secure data collection

Flexible templates

Basic communication tracking (email)

Immediate report generation

Multi-year Strategic Plans with email reminder

Creates operations plans directly from TTXs

Dynamic injects

Real-time communications and chat

Collaborative editing