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Founded in 2013, EpiCore is a virtual community of health professionals using innovative surveillance methods to verify infectious disease outbreaks. EpiCore draws on the skills and knowledge of trained human, animal, and environmental health professionals around the world to provide epidemic intelligence and verify outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases. EpiCore has recruited more than 1,600 qualified health professionals from more than 130 countries to provide information from their regions. On average, at least one request for information is sent per day to members in geographic proximity to verify an outbreak or a suspected outbreak.


With its geographical distribution of members and high response rate, EpiCore is poised to enable faster verification of a potential outbreak. By detecting outbreaks faster, health officials generate early responses that can curb epidemics and save lives.

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    EpiCore Membership

    Support the early detection of outbreaks by becoming an EpiCore member. Health professionals with formal education and training in health and knowledge of basic principles of epidemiology, infectious disease, or related fields are encouraged to apply online.

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    EpiCore Factsheet

    Two-page factsheet describing the EpiCore project.

    Learn More

    Two-page factsheet describing the EpiCore project.