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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use this site?

Explore the site.

On the Community page, you will find community-created projects taking place around the world, which are organized by different approaches to combating pandemics: detect, verify, prevent, and respond. Click the map at the top of the page or click a project name in the lower section of the page to learn more about a project.

On the Technical Resources page, you can view resources created from the community’s projects. These resources are organized by open-source code, presentations, publications, and training materials.

On the Bulletin Board page, you can stay up to date on a variety of opportunities by applying, attending, joining, and reading. These updates include items such as opportunities to apply for grants or awards from external organizations, join an app or course, attend an event, and sign up for newsletters.

Something on the site is missing, inaccurate, or outdated.

The site is updated monthly. While we regularly will be adding new content to the site, we are not currently accepting external requests to add new site content.

If you have any factual edits or corrections regarding content associated with your organization’s project on this site please fill in our Content Update Request form.

How do I connect with others on the site and have conversations with them?

At the top left of most project pages there is a red Contact button. You can click this button to fill out a form that will reach the direct email address of that project’s point of contact. At the moment there are no capabilities for real-time messaging on the site.

Is this site private or public?

While this site is intended for our community of practice, the site itself and all of the information on the site is currently available to anyone from the public who are interested in getting involved with the community’s efforts to end pandemics.

How do I know when to submit my updates to the site?

The Pandemics team has an internal vetting process for what new content should be shared on the website. Not all partner accomplishments will be shared at all times. We will reach out to partners directly to request new content for the site based on ongoing conversations.

If you have any urgent updates or news that you want us to consider for the site, please reach out to us at with your inquiry.